RAPTURE DREAM 2015: The first dream I had I was sitting in the bathroom, my whole family was in a house (  not my house) I really don’t know who house it was, but anyway as it got dark I was getting ready to go to bed, something told me to go look at the moon as I looked at the moon I saw a trumpet and a angel was getting ready to blow ! I was so scared because I knew what that could have meant and I just wanted to make sure I was ready. I never argue Pre, Mid or Post all I can tell you is how it went down in my dream. As I begin to look up there were about 2-3 quick flashes that lit up the whole sky. From west to east. When those flashes ceased I had a cold feeling in my heart , as if I was lost forever. I went to see if my dad was in the room nervous to see if I missed the catching away I slowly tried to open door and before I got to see if my dad was in the bed I woke up.

Dream about Chile earthquake Fulfilled 2015:  In my dream I was in a foreign land ( I can tell because of the buildings ) well I was in a store waiting for my wife and my son  because I had to go to work and all of a sudden the whole place start to shake. I mean crazy !! Like real crazy I was so scared yet I ran outside to get to the house. As I was running street signs started to fall down, lights and everything. It was rattling so much ! The ground immediately cracked When I was about to turn around and get my family. I finally got in the house after really fighting my way back to the store and I was able to get my family , then I woke up.

Dream about Gang Violence and Riots with Cops:  I was in Elizabeth NJ and a truck driver was flagging me down and was telling me to follow him. I started following and when we got to a certain section , I saw cops fighting minority’s and lower class people not just blacks, it looked like the minorities were trying to fight for a right they lost. Well cops were fighting citizens and citizens were literally fighting back then while I was watching this scene take place a cop begin to throw a garbage can at my car and I was teleported to the inner city projects. I saw gang members with shovels blocking off the street ! Every street I turned on was operated by some gang to the point I got out the car and  started walking.  Idk what else would have happened but God woke me up out that dream.

Judgement coming to the Land and earth: This had to be the scariest dream I experienced. I’m not gonna lie , it seemed as almost if I was leaving from one place to the next being accompanied by what looked like 3 African woman.  Anyway they were telling me to get out the city , as I was running I was caught up in a Whirl Wind  it got a little dark but a Voice that was hiding behind the moon ( the moon had fire coming from it ) a voice that was so deep and terrifying said “I will judge the earth and I will judge this land.  While I was in This whirl wind I saw and heard some things I don’t remember I just remember those terrible words. When the whirl wind was over the fiery light coming from the moon ceased , the voice stopped talking and the people what was in the whirl wind went back to life as if they didn’t even here what I heard , then I woke up.

Sahara Desert Flooded Fulfilled 2016:  This is the Sahara that’s a voice I heard while again I was in a house that was not mine. I was playing in the Sahara Desert sand. I was talking about how wonderful the sand felt then I blinked and I was in a house I looked outside and the Desert was Flooded ! I mean cars swimming in waters which looked like a city.  This was a act of God against Sudan and other cities because of great rebellion and wickedness in the city.

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