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Interview with Creative Director Notez from Stronghold Shop

When you look at Tri state artist and people that are part of the culture, you realize there is a name that constantly pops up on there clothing and that name is STRONG. I been there one time when I was doing some audio for Jahmar Hill Productions. Anyway there was always a dope vibe in there.

I decided to link up with my guy Notez who is the creative director of StrongHold Shop. We talked about who has been in the shop, what does a creative director job consist of and what are some of the hottest pieces of clothing moving right now. We even talked about the possibilities of there being a strongLanta HA!


The shop is not just local but on a national level. As soon as I got in the shop there was a man and his wife who told Notez they follow the stronghold page on instagram and wanted to see what it was about. Came all the way from the Bronx to show love and buy a few things. Below is the interview we had do me a favor and check it out. Drop some comments on the page and give it some likes!

Network Event Industry Mixer presented by Interconnections was a Success

As you all know with my style of writing I am what I like to call free for all.  I write like I talk so here goes.  Victoria walker put on a phenomenal event Friday June 30th !  The location and place was great for the vision that was put in place for what she was trying to do. 

I really enjoyed EVERYBODY from the crowd to those that are in that industry that were on the program.  They dropped a lot of gems that night with there knowledge.  Some of the people that were on the panel discussion was Wade Menedez who is a dope celebrity barber and owner of the W hair lofts, Joe flip Wilson the photographer, producer and directer.  The legend Angelo Ellebree CEO of Double Exposure Media Relations inc, Shaun Sanders the preacher and Qui which is a NJ/ NYC fitness guru. The live band was awesome ! They really did there thing playing and great sound set too! LOL! Listen I loved everything.   Shoutout to those who I interviewed!  Victoria Walker again I thank you.  Steve Lovell you were great man and your vocals were sick.  Yanna Crawley I mean you just do the darn thing ! Thats all I can say its stamped and sealed! Travis Taylor man good wish you the best with your brand and your new move with Kurt Carr.  Marlon Boykins pleasure meeting you man and Jameel Moore keep making dope clothing ! The Host Go Go Atkins was outstanding.  She made us laugh, listen and enjoy the night.  She really does know how to engage in the audience and I am not gonna lie I took some tips haha! Great vibes and spirit in the room. Many people came out to Newark NJ to experience the first of many networking events.  We also celebrated Victoria 30th Birthday!  Continue to strive for greatness Victoria and until Inthelight Sees you again, keep pushing !Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 9.45.13 AM.pngShoutout to Evantheshow man my brother and one of the best media personalities in NJ, Love working with you man.  Special Shoutout to Artist/ Inthelight TV Ms Behind the Lens “Loc Goddess”  We got places to go so buckle your seatbelt!