Jeremy Lin Warns of ‘Scary’ Reality that ‘Lost Souls’ Will Spend Eternity in Hell, Urges Evangelism

Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin said that he’s become increasingly convicted regarding the “urgency of evangelism” amid the “scary” reality that many people are “lost souls” who will “spend eternity in condemnation.” 

In an email sent to his digital prayer group titled, “Jeremy Lin Prayer Requests 36,” the Christian athlete revealed that lately, the Bible passage Luke 16:19-31 has been “heavy” on his heart. In the passage, Jesus tells a parable about a very rich man and a very poor man whose circumstances are reversed after they die. The poor man, Lazarus, reaped eternal rewards in heaven after death, while the rich man, who lived a life of lavishness and disregarded the poor, suffered the torments of hell.

“I encourage everyone to read this passage and to think about your family members, close friends, co-workers, peers or even strangers as the rich man in this passage,” Lin said.

“I’ve been more convicted to further see everyone as a potential lost soul who will spend eternity in condemnation,” he continued. “That’s a very scary thought! Please check this passage out because it really puts a stronger conviction and urgency on evangelism, as well as living our earthly lives chasing eternal things.”

Lin asked his fans to pray that in the coming year, he’ll be a “radical steward” of the wealth that God has blessed him with.

“He’s been convicting me recently to put more effort into learning how I can best use money to further God’s kingdom,” he said.

The athlete went on to ask for prayer for continued recovery of his body following his knee surgery in October.

“As I progress in my rehab, I will be focusing on also tweaking some of my previous movement patterns to become more efficient, so please pray that this goes smoothly and that I’m a fast learner haha.”

As reported, the NBA star earlier this year teamed up with two Asian-based charities, One Day’s Wages, whose objective is to raise awareness regarding girl’s education, and the Hug Project in Chiang Mai in northwest Thailand.


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