Director Producer and Writer Christina Faith is just getting started.

One thing I love to do is to talk about great talent.  The ability to create is a great gift giving to us by YAHWEH.  Whether some people use it to create bad or good, the gift is still giving by YAHWEH.  This woman uses her gift to match with her faith which is awesome! Following her on Facebook and seeing the hard work she puts in on a daily basis is very inspirational !

Hard worker from the beginning she does not look like she plans on slowing up her grind at all!  We will interview her soon, so we can get her in depth story on growing up in Atlantic City, NJ and life experiences.   One awesome thing that is very encouraging is she also has some papers behind her name! Yes she has a bachelors of arts degree in Criminal Justice and Africana Studies.

I do not want to tell it all! LOL but just know this, she has created her own production projects like Nickey’s flesh, Grind house, and Haunted.  She also teamed up with her husband photographer Allen Johnson to form Creative Thought Media (CTM), a full service media company and artist collective.  I said all that to say this woman is no slack, and she continues to get better and better at her productions.  She is now working on a web series called Single and Anxious, which is currently in season 2! This is a pretty awesome web series.  Everything from this series is worth the watch.  From the angles to the music to the actors to the message about black love, this is a series that really needs to go viral in every community!



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