Anthony J interviews Natalie Adesanya for her book & play Secret Sin: Confessions of a Church Girl.

I had a pleasure interviewing Natalie Bullock Adesanya and getting a little bit of her mind when it came to putting together this book as well as the play.  If you have not read the book please do so because this book will open up your eyes to not only abortion, but the grace of Elohim as well.  In the book you see how strong Natalie was and how her life turned around for the better.

This is a on time book especially for this generation which believes killing babies is as easy as throwing away a piece of garbage.  Our small minds really can’t grasp the concept of life and how important life is to God, even in the womb.  She hopes this book will help people that is contemplating aborting there baby or help those to even second guess sex before marriage.

Her vision is so big that she even decided to turn this book into life and create a play! Cool thing is she teamed up with a awesome inspirational play writer and CEO of Leapnhigh Productions Cisely Martin-Breeden, who creates great plays and works tremendously with Newark Symphony Hall. Both of there visions are coming together and creating a masterpiece but not only for entertainment but also deliverance.  The truth is through this play the plan is for break threw and yokes to be destroyed.  Theres a spiritual significance that WILL happen when this play takes place and I can’t wait to see it!  Please check out the whole interview below and I promise you you’ll be blessed!




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