Dozens evacuated from homes in South London from possible chemical attack

Wow it seems like something is always going on in London almost every month!  We really must pray for that city.   All these attacks are making it hard for the citizens to truly live without fear.  So this is the developing news that I saw on The SUN, a UK based news site saying that dozens of evacuated from homes in London from possible chemical attack.

Fears of a chemical incident were sparked this morning after vomiting residents were rushed to the hospital and a South London street was put on lockdown. A total of 24 people were evacuated from their homes in Alwold Crescent, Lee, after neighbors reported the smell of an unknown substance. Seven

people were treated at the scene for nausea and vomiting – while two children were taken into hospital for further treatment as a precautionary measure. Scotland Yard said the incident was not believed to be crime-related. Witnesses said emergency services appeared to be investigating the sewage system.

I am really not sure what is going on but all I know is residents that live in that area should be very careful or even evacuate.  Something is not right and they need to bring a serious shut down to that city and guard it.  (My opinion)


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