Pray for those involved in Hurricane Harvey but what is really going on?!

We are very sad at what is happening in Houston Texas concerning hurricane Harvey.  This is a catastrophic Hurricane of biblical proportions and we need to really sit and think what is really going on? Before we sit and think though lets figure out a way we all can help the victims of this Hurricane.  The stories we see online, the videos and images are enough to make you want to help out as much as possible.  So much talk amongst people on social media but how many are praying that the mind of repentance comes to this nation. We can’t continue to look at natural disasters as if God is not trying to tell us something.  One of the ways God talks to man is through weather patterns.  Yes there are innocent people who were affected by this event, but because they were innocent does not take away the bigger and deeper meaning of what is really going on.


Continue to pray for these people and continue to pray for this nation. We are in deep trouble and the storms are not over yet. You will keep seeing the power of God remove what we are attached to most in order to show you who you need the most.  I hope you all got what I just said!


I will be posting videos and engaging more in truth and being a voice that YAH called me to be in these terrible times.  Continue to keep serving Jesus the Messiah and continue to be a beacon of light in this dark place.  The World needs us to stand up and show them a way like never before.  Shalom!


4 thoughts on “Pray for those involved in Hurricane Harvey but what is really going on?!”

  1. Amen u are so right my friend we have just seen the moon cross the sun in the daylight .and now this among other things that’s hasn’t even been reported for lack of knowledge about our savior Jesus God’s book the Bible and pray .God have mercy on us all .


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