Anthony J interviews actress Nicolette Ellis

One thing I like about my job is I get to catch up with a bunch of cool people with awesome creativity !  I got a chance to catch up with Nicolette Ellis a actress, writer and producer who resides in NYC but is from Maryland! We got to talk about so much, that it was hard to contain everything in a video lol so we didn’t.  We talked about her inspirations, goals within herself, the projects she is working on and more.  Very down to earth individual who truly loves what she does.

It was inspiring seeing her grind so much, to the point where she did not wait but started to created her own web series! Which btw you should all check out.  One that I am now starting to watch which is called ‘Mistake’.

The synopsis of mistake is the following: Troubled by the death of Melissa Wright’s mother, the Wright family goes through unforeseen obstacles that begin to hinder all of their family relations. While this is occurring, the Love family enters their lives. In every mysterious way possible, they go from good to bad. This series touches on how your past can affect your future and the mental illnesses of anger, alcoholism, greed, and depression.

Thats not the only thing she put her credit on.  She also worked on projects such as  Brooklyn Blue Sky and played the character of Cherrise, Not For Sale Short Film , The girl of Summer (The Play) and more !

The projects she is working on now are ‘Situationships’ and ‘Make up to Break up’

You can check her out or stay updated with what she’s doing on instagram:@nicolette.ellis or her website

Please Check out the interview below! Also  Click here and watch her series ‘Mistake’




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