Anthony Jackson interviews hip hop artist King Salomon

I got a chance to interview New Jersey native and hip hop artist King Salomon. Very dope and humble dude. In this interview we talked about where his name came from ¬†(no it did not come from King SOLOMON from the Bible, but it came from another SALOMON)Watch the interview and find out ! Also we talked about his EP. The book of Salomon and his new EP which is coming out soon called “The book of Salomon pt2. Can’t give you everything or you won’t watch the interview, I know you all ! Haha but seriously this was awesome he had a lot of great ideas in the works and we can’t wait until he releases them. WE SUPPORT JERSEY. Shoutout to the whole JOTF family keep up the great work.

You can reach King Salomon on his Instagram:@KingSalomon_

Twitter: @kingsalomon_

SoundCloud : King Salomon


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